Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Days 28 - 32: Healing and some cutting...

Yeah so since the last post my finger has just been kept straight and clean, couldn't really do much.

Last night though a couple guys came over and we did some stuff. We cleaned up the garage pretty good, put all the tools away that were just lying around, re-organized all the wrenches, cleaned off the work bench... etc etc. It was a long time coming.

BUT we DID get some cutting done in the engine bay.

So in case I haven't mentioned this yet we decided to go with a MII front suspension kit from Rod and Custom. In order to install it you gotta do a couple things. You gotta remove the old sway bar brackets, the old cross member, and both shock towers. The new set up has it's own cross member that everything bolts onto. So as you probably can guess those frame rails need to be super strong.

Last night we started by removing the rotted out battery apron and shock tower on the passenger side. Once we got down to the rail, it's actually not in horrible shape inside. We bought 29inch frame rail replacements (29 inches from the front) and it looks like 29 inches back the metal is fine to weld to.

Here's what the process looked like:

More to come!

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