Sunday, February 22, 2015

Day 1283 - Sorry it's been almost a year, but we moved to Utah!

I had to really focus my time and effort on other aspects of my life and in September of 2014 my girlfriend and I packed up our whole lives, including Frankenstang, and moved to UT so we could snowboard and mountain bike within minutes of our home. 

We drove a budget truck with a trailer and the mustang wrapped in pallet shrink wrap and taped up so no wind would tear it off:

We unloaded in UT at a storage unit while we looked for a place to live:

We ended up buying a condo a few months later and finally were able to get Frankenstang towed to my very own garage!:

And that's where she's sitting right now. A lot of the stuff in the garage will eventually be in the condo. We're working to get that furniture restored and then moved out:

And now here we are. Next Steps:

1. I need to pull the engine out of the car. We put it in for transport but before it can start to be setup I need to fix a few things. I stripped a bolt putting on the oil pan so I have to drill that out and fix it. I also installed a new oil pump but need a torque wrench to ensure all the bolts are set right.

2. Put the engine back in and start sourcing the parts we still need: alternator, power steering pump, belt setup, ignition system.

3. Run the wiring.

4. Start putting the interior back together including reupholstering the seats.

5. Get her painted.

That's what I'm hoping to accomplish this spring/summer. That would make it close to drive-able by next winter and then hopefully we can get this all "done" by next year. I'm trying to be realistic, I know there's a lot to do, but I've come way too far to even consider giving up and I'm quite honestly pumped to do the list of stuff above. I'll be posting update all along the way.

By the way here are some pictures from when we put the engine in before leaving. It just looks amazing to have something in there: