Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Day 1755 - Wow.... really?

It feels like just a few weeks ago, or maybe a few months ago at worst, that I posted my last update. In that one I had to admit that I've been ignoring the car for our change in lifestyle and move across the country... but the time is just flying by, and I'm no closer to even starting.

It's been 472 days since my last update. Over a year. Since then I jacked the car up and tinkered with the transmission. Total I think I've spent about an hour or 2 on the car. In over. a. year.

This post is to remind myself that Frankenstang is out there, in the garage, waiting for a paint job and a rebuild. There's so much I should be doing right now.

I could be re-upholstering the seats.

I could be running the electric cables.

I could be working on the doors which I foolishly disassembled for no reason other than stupidity (that one's going to hurt, I bet I won't have windows for a while).

I could be pulling the engine back out that I put in for the move, but that is nowhere near ready. The new oil pump has an arm that sits under one of the bolts at the bottom of the piston shafts. That needs to be tightened properly with a torque wrench. Plus I stripped a damn bolt while putting on the oil pan. That needs to be drilled out and re-set. That dang oil pan doesn't fit perfectly. Hopefully over the time it's been sudo-bolted on it's taken better shape... who knows.

This post is to remind me of what I could be doing. Because I gotta tell you guys, I can't afford the paint job anytime soon. We're getting married and I'm buried in debt from my college years. The smart thing to do is to work on the mechanical stuff and save my pennies for a paint job some day, but who knows when that will be.

So what am I doing typing this shit? Well for starters it's been a long day at work and I'm tired. *cough* excuse *cough*

I just need to suck it up and get shit done. But when your list is long, it can be hard to find the motivation. Plus there's always that room in the house that needs painting, or the flooring job you want to do, or a re-finance you need to pursue, or work that's pilling up... aw well.

Frankenstang and I have come this far... no giving up now.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Day 1283 - Sorry it's been almost a year, but we moved to Utah!

I had to really focus my time and effort on other aspects of my life and in September of 2014 my girlfriend and I packed up our whole lives, including Frankenstang, and moved to UT so we could snowboard and mountain bike within minutes of our home. 

We drove a budget truck with a trailer and the mustang wrapped in pallet shrink wrap and taped up so no wind would tear it off:

We unloaded in UT at a storage unit while we looked for a place to live:

We ended up buying a condo a few months later and finally were able to get Frankenstang towed to my very own garage!:

And that's where she's sitting right now. A lot of the stuff in the garage will eventually be in the condo. We're working to get that furniture restored and then moved out:

And now here we are. Next Steps:

1. I need to pull the engine out of the car. We put it in for transport but before it can start to be setup I need to fix a few things. I stripped a bolt putting on the oil pan so I have to drill that out and fix it. I also installed a new oil pump but need a torque wrench to ensure all the bolts are set right.

2. Put the engine back in and start sourcing the parts we still need: alternator, power steering pump, belt setup, ignition system.

3. Run the wiring.

4. Start putting the interior back together including reupholstering the seats.

5. Get her painted.

That's what I'm hoping to accomplish this spring/summer. That would make it close to drive-able by next winter and then hopefully we can get this all "done" by next year. I'm trying to be realistic, I know there's a lot to do, but I've come way too far to even consider giving up and I'm quite honestly pumped to do the list of stuff above. I'll be posting update all along the way.

By the way here are some pictures from when we put the engine in before leaving. It just looks amazing to have something in there:

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 981 – Snowboarding season has officially come to an end, and the season of the Mustang is upon us once again!

Welcome back everyone. I had another fantastic winter but got nothing accomplished on the mustang really. At the time of the last post, the body work had been 99% completed and Joe was gearing up to paint. But unfortunately the garage he had was not adequate for the winter and it was best to put the car into storage until the spring. Now we're not sure who will be painting it because of time and location constraints, but I'm sure I'll figure it out soon.

So here we are!

We did decide once and for all that the 289, despite it's broken block (2 bolt holes to the trans), is all we have so we better make the best of it for now. Jesse painted her and we ordered a nice chrome dress up kit and I must say, she's fine to look at. Hopefully she doesn't break away from the transmission while driving, but I think we can rig her up just fine with the 4 working bolt holes and maybe 2 large washers. It'll get the car moving and we can go from there:

So last weekend on Easter sunday I finally took a cruise down to the auto body shop and took a look at her. Here she is. Frankenstang cooped up for the winter:

Then this weekend I FINALLY got back to work! Wooooo. I pushed her out on Saturday and started hand sanding the engine bay. The plan is to get the engine bay painted and ready for the engine to be dropped in so I can get the car at least driving. Once it's driving I can get estimates for the paint job and get it to a painter much easier. Here's what she looks like finally out in the sun!

So you may remember that the entire engine bay was brush painted with POR-15. The tech sheet on the POR-15 website said that to paint over it, simply scuff and wear with a wet 600 grit sandpaper wrapped on a foam block.

After about 4 hours total sanding, and about 15 pieces of sandpaper, it was pretty scuffed up all over. Here's a picture of about 1/2 way through:

After we finally got it all scuffed up and took off the hood, hood springs, and fenders; we covered the upper and lower control arms with masking tape and newspaper, covered the tires, and taped of the cowl vents. Then I applied 1 1/2 coats of primer and let that dry. 

After the primer was completely dry I applied the first coat of this:

And besides the fact that I suck at painting and had quite a few drips, it dried and came out pretty nicely:

Now this weekend coming up next steps are:
- Wet sand the paint
- Apply second coat
- Wet sand/ buff that coat

Here's to hoping it all goes to plan!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day 745 - Body Work 99% Done

I just got some fantastic news, the body work is 99% done:

At this point Joe has a couple more lines to perfect and a few small holes to fill and sand out and then he will be painting her candy apple red.

Expect an update soon, we're nearing the actual rebuild!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Today is a special day for me. The Frankenstang project started exactly 2 years ago today when on Saturday, Aug 20th, 2011 John, Brian and I removed the first seat from the mustang.

As a little more time went on and the interior and exterior were completely stripped the work needed to fix her began to pile up. After Jon S and I tore the car apart removing every bit of tar and rusty metal we were left with no engine bay and damaged frame rails.

Jesse Fast came in and we spent a year welding it back together. With a new engine bay and new supports throughout she's become Frankenstang.

Maddie and I covered her in POR 15 and primer to keep the rust away, and right now the car is in Delaware getting the final body work done and then in a few weeks Joe E will be painting her candy apple red.

Here's hoping we see Frankenstang come alive by next spring! Thanks guys, so so much.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Update! Day 647

So today is day 647 apparently. That means we're at 1.77 years on the project. Wow. I'm not sure if it doesn't feel that long, or if it feels much longer. The Mustang and I have come a long way and we know where we want to go... we just have to get there.

These past 4 months or so have been mostly focused on ridding the car of any remaining filler, sealer, tar, and any other goop that may be on there. Before we do any finalized body work I really wanted to make sure we're working with a clean canvas.

When this thing is done I never want to see rust again. Every single seam will be freshly sealed. Every ding freshly filled with new filler. Every crack welded shut and structurally reinforced. We're not going half assed on this.

You would think all of this stuff would have come off in sandblasting, but I'm finding more of it each day. The rain rails above the windows for example were just a mess, but they're all cleaned out now.

In fact we're almost there. Sunday June 9th Frankenstang will be getting shipped to the body shop where over the next few months she will be getting her final body work done and then she will be coated in a factory T-code 1966 Ford Candy Apple red paint. If all goes well I should have her back around September.

Although it is not ideal, because we all really wanted her running by this spring/summer, it's looking like we may have to wait another year. But fear not. She will ride again.... soon.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013