Friday, September 16, 2011

Day 27: Sway Bar, Fuel Line, Steering, Wiring, Brake Master Cylinder and Motor Mounts

So despite the fact that I ripped my finger open last night, we did get some work done before.

1. Removing the Sway Bar:

You've got 2 hangers on either side of the front with 2 bolts and nuts each.

2. Fuel Hose to Fuel Line in Engine Bay:

There's a fastener holding it tight, we just cut the hose off, everything must go!

3. Steering:

Well we started taking apart the steering, but we couldn't get the steering box off the steering column.

But what we did so far was remove the bolts from the steering rod and steering box assembly to the frame rails. On the drivers side with the steering box there's 3 bolts and on the passenger side there's 2:

Once we get the steering column removed we can seperate it from the steering box and pull everything out at once.

4. Removing the engine bay Wiring!

Basically what you want to do here is label EVERYTHING. You've got two wiring harnesses in the engine bay, one that goes towards the passenger side and one towards the drivers side. They meet at the relay on the passenger side. We just labeled as much as we could and kept it all together as one large piece to be put back in if we don't get new harnesses and wiring.

5. Removing the Brake Master Cylinder:

Basically the master cylinder connects directly to the firewall with 2 bolts. Behind the master cylinder the brake pedal connects to a piston that pushes the brake fluid into the master cylinder and through the brake lines. Remove the brake lines first, then the master cylinder:

6. Removing the Motor Mounts

3 bolts each, to the shock towers:

That's all. After that I cut myself open... ugh.

Hopefully work will resume soon!

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