Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Day 745 - Body Work 99% Done

I just got some fantastic news, the body work is 99% done:

At this point Joe has a couple more lines to perfect and a few small holes to fill and sand out and then he will be painting her candy apple red.

Expect an update soon, we're nearing the actual rebuild!


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Today is a special day for me. The Frankenstang project started exactly 2 years ago today when on Saturday, Aug 20th, 2011 John, Brian and I removed the first seat from the mustang.

As a little more time went on and the interior and exterior were completely stripped the work needed to fix her began to pile up. After Jon S and I tore the car apart removing every bit of tar and rusty metal we were left with no engine bay and damaged frame rails.

Jesse Fast came in and we spent a year welding it back together. With a new engine bay and new supports throughout she's become Frankenstang.

Maddie and I covered her in POR 15 and primer to keep the rust away, and right now the car is in Delaware getting the final body work done and then in a few weeks Joe E will be painting her candy apple red.

Here's hoping we see Frankenstang come alive by next spring! Thanks guys, so so much.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Update! Day 647

So today is day 647 apparently. That means we're at 1.77 years on the project. Wow. I'm not sure if it doesn't feel that long, or if it feels much longer. The Mustang and I have come a long way and we know where we want to go... we just have to get there.

These past 4 months or so have been mostly focused on ridding the car of any remaining filler, sealer, tar, and any other goop that may be on there. Before we do any finalized body work I really wanted to make sure we're working with a clean canvas.

When this thing is done I never want to see rust again. Every single seam will be freshly sealed. Every ding freshly filled with new filler. Every crack welded shut and structurally reinforced. We're not going half assed on this.

You would think all of this stuff would have come off in sandblasting, but I'm finding more of it each day. The rain rails above the windows for example were just a mess, but they're all cleaned out now.

In fact we're almost there. Sunday June 9th Frankenstang will be getting shipped to the body shop where over the next few months she will be getting her final body work done and then she will be coated in a factory T-code 1966 Ford Candy Apple red paint. If all goes well I should have her back around September.

Although it is not ideal, because we all really wanted her running by this spring/summer, it's looking like we may have to wait another year. But fear not. She will ride again.... soon.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 528 - Sorry Folks, I've been busy! Eeeek

I just wanted to say sorry to my faithful blog readers for not updating in 165 days. Anyone who knows me and knows what the winter means to me knows what I've mostly been up to these days... snowboarding.

But Mustang fans have no fear! We have actually been working full steam ahead on the car. I have a lot of updating to do to get you guys up to speed. I believe since we last talked we:

- Finished installing the front torque boxes.
- Fixed the holes in the trunk area
- Fixed the rear frame rails with home made brackets that add extra support
- Painted the underbody and interior and engine bay with POR-15.
- Started sanding/grinding off all the remaining old bondo.

Next steps are to:

- Get rid of all the old bondo all over the car
- Use new filler to smooth and shape the car
- Epoxy and PolyUrethane prime the entire car
- Paint the body
- Put the car back together!

Here are some more recent pics: