Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Day 528 - Sorry Folks, I've been busy! Eeeek

I just wanted to say sorry to my faithful blog readers for not updating in 165 days. Anyone who knows me and knows what the winter means to me knows what I've mostly been up to these days... snowboarding.

But Mustang fans have no fear! We have actually been working full steam ahead on the car. I have a lot of updating to do to get you guys up to speed. I believe since we last talked we:

- Finished installing the front torque boxes.
- Fixed the holes in the trunk area
- Fixed the rear frame rails with home made brackets that add extra support
- Painted the underbody and interior and engine bay with POR-15.
- Started sanding/grinding off all the remaining old bondo.

Next steps are to:

- Get rid of all the old bondo all over the car
- Use new filler to smooth and shape the car
- Epoxy and PolyUrethane prime the entire car
- Paint the body
- Put the car back together!

Here are some more recent pics: