Thursday, September 15, 2011

Days 20 - 26: Drive Shaft, Engine and Transmission

The past couple days have been the funnest so far. I mean sure, we did a lot more grinding. In fact about 4 nights of just straight grinding, scraping, sanding, and wiping with metal cleaner...

BUT we also got the transmission and drive shaft dropped as well as pulled the engine. We're pretty damn close to doing the body/metal work, and then... PAINT.

1. Pull the Drive Shaft out of the transmission:

We just kept the yoke connected to the drive shaft and slipped it out of the trans. My gasket is busted so it leaks oil, just threw an old coffee pot under there to collect:

2. Drop the Transmission:

- A. E-Brake Assembly (on transmission mount bracket, see picture directly above): It's all tension based. There's a spring holding the bracket and a cable down from the handle in the car. Pull the cable out of the bracket and pull the spring off, it all comes down.

- B. Transmission Wires: Theres 2, an ignition kill switch sensor that goes up through the floor into the car, and the speedometer cable which goes up through the firewall into the dash (the speedometer cable has a bolt to the trans):

- C. The Trans itself:

OK first thing you want to do is disconnect it from the bell housing (we chose to leave the bell housing attached to the engine). To do this there are 4 bolts from the trans to the bell housing:

Next put the trans on the jack:

Then there are 2 bolts that hold the trans bracket to the car body.

Once you have these off you need to transfer the jack to the engine. We did this by having sweeney hold the trans while we moved it to the engine.

Before you attempt to wiggle the trans out, you gotta remove the shifter. It's 2 bolts (with screw heads) accessible from inside the car down the hole.

Then just wiggle the trans out and down:

Note: Speedometer cable is still connected in picture, we waited till it was dropped to disconnect as we found out there was enough clearance.

3. Pull the Engine!!!

OK I'm gonna list the steps we took first, then post the pictures.

- A. Remove the top of the carb (air cleaner assembly)

- B. Disconnect the Heater Core Hoses

- C. Disconnect the Gas Pedal Linkage

- D. Disconnect the Clutch pedal from the bell housing

- E. Disconnect the Fuel Line

- F. Disconnect power cables from alternator to ignition relay (3 power cables plus 1 ground to bolt on engine where battery ground cable connects).

- G. Coolant hose to fuel filter

- H. Motor Mount Bolts (2 on each mount)

- I. Remove Fan

- J. Set up lift and remove that bitch!

Awwwww yeah.

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