Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 41 - Jesse from Fix it Fast came and did some awesome cuts!

So last night my buddy Jesse (who owns Fix-It-Fast Auto repair in Media PA and is AWESOME) came over with his torch and we did some cutting, but also a lot of prep and measuring and thinking.

We have measurements written down, but i haven't copied them in. If you're doing frame work, this is probably your best bet for measurements:

Tomorrow I will be making a datam line to get the car level, once we do that the rest of the front can come off now that I have the proper measurements for the frame rail lengths. I also caved last night and bought all new aprons and a new radiator support for the front so we're not welding any rusty shit together, ALL NEW!

So anyway the only thing left to do is post pictures of Mr. Jesse Fast cutting last night (thanks again dude):

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