Saturday, September 3, 2016

Day 1842: Winter is coming... So let's get that engine out and finish it up so we don't have to pull it again!

OK not to be dramatic but we have a separated storage garage in PC, so it's not like we're going to be getting anything done during the winter. So the time to act is now.

We last left off with a car that had an engine in it that needed to come out. I have to properly torque a bolt that the extension for the rear pump is on (a cylinder head bolt), and we had to fix that unfortunate business from 2 years ago before we moved to Utah.

I don't think I even wrote about it... but we broke a bolt while putting on the oil pan...

First we had to get the engine out. Thanks to my fiancee Maddie, we made quick work of it. After doing a little garage cleaning and setting up this week after work, it only took about 2 hours today get the engine out.

Here's the process basically we just removed the hood and anything that was chrome (valve covers, carburetor filter, and just to make it easier the whole carburetor, and the spark plug cap). We used a proper load balancer this time which by the way, has 4 points of connection instead of an old chain which has uh, 2. Yeah I felt much safer doing this pull.

Here's the pictures:

OK So now here's where things get interesting.

As I said above, the point of this pull was to drill out the busted bolt from the engine so we could properly seal the oil pan.

Well get this! I just lifted up the seal and there was enough bolt sicking out for me to screw it out with a pair of pliers! Score:

OK so with that out of the way, I figured all I need to do is go rent a torque wrench, get that cylinder head bolt correct, and then put this baby back together and get it back in the car right!?

Well not so fast.

Unfortunately I just remembered/re-noticed this giant freaking tear in the oil pan:

So that majorly sucks. I bought this pan over 2 years ago, and I actually remember now seeing this then and thinking I should return it. But with the move I forgot all about it, which is definitely my fault.

So now I need to find someone in PC with a welder on their truck who can come and help me. There's no 220v line in there and I sure don't have a MIG or a tank.

Bummer guys. I may not get this thing back in there this weekend.

Off to get a torque wrench anyway to do the other stuff, no point in waiting any longer. It's been over 2 years after all...


Update: I got restless so I pulled out the underlay and the carpet to sit over night. I think tomorrow I'll start on the interior!

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