Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Day 1755 - Wow.... really?

It feels like just a few weeks ago, or maybe a few months ago at worst, that I posted my last update. In that one I had to admit that I've been ignoring the car for our change in lifestyle and move across the country... but the time is just flying by, and I'm no closer to even starting.

It's been 472 days since my last update. Over a year. Since then I jacked the car up and tinkered with the transmission. Total I think I've spent about an hour or 2 on the car. In over. a. year.

This post is to remind myself that Frankenstang is out there, in the garage, waiting for a paint job and a rebuild. There's so much I should be doing right now.

I could be re-upholstering the seats.

I could be running the electric cables.

I could be working on the doors which I foolishly disassembled for no reason other than stupidity (that one's going to hurt, I bet I won't have windows for a while).

I could be pulling the engine back out that I put in for the move, but that is nowhere near ready. The new oil pump has an arm that sits under one of the bolts at the bottom of the piston shafts. That needs to be tightened properly with a torque wrench. Plus I stripped a damn bolt while putting on the oil pan. That needs to be drilled out and re-set. That dang oil pan doesn't fit perfectly. Hopefully over the time it's been sudo-bolted on it's taken better shape... who knows.

This post is to remind me of what I could be doing. Because I gotta tell you guys, I can't afford the paint job anytime soon. We're getting married and I'm buried in debt from my college years. The smart thing to do is to work on the mechanical stuff and save my pennies for a paint job some day, but who knows when that will be.

So what am I doing typing this shit? Well for starters it's been a long day at work and I'm tired. *cough* excuse *cough*

I just need to suck it up and get shit done. But when your list is long, it can be hard to find the motivation. Plus there's always that room in the house that needs painting, or the flooring job you want to do, or a re-finance you need to pursue, or work that's pilling up... aw well.

Frankenstang and I have come this far... no giving up now.

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  1. Good idea about the interior. Work on the stuff you can get at now. I used to keep lists to cross off. Good to see progress. You are now officially bookmarked, so I'll be checking back.