Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 333 - The Wish List

So right now I'm in talks with 2 places to get the body sandblasted so we can finish the body work. After it's sandblasted we have to replace the cowl panels (kick panels), cowl top hats, install the 67-68 front torque boxes (66 didn't have front torque boxes but we're upgranding), and repair some holes in the trunk. Then we'll be ready for patching and painting!

In the meantime I'm making a list of parts we still need to complete the car. If you've been following along you know already that we have most of what we need for the interior and the visual elements of the car. We also have a complete suspension, new wheels/tires, new disc brakes, new power steering rack, new steering column set up, frame rail connectors, and a T-5 transmission. Here's what we still need:

1. An Engine. It seems fairly obvious. The car was originally an inline 6 200 CID (or a secretaries model as it's known). I say screw that. We're gonna keep it looking somewhat original by putting in a 289 V8. My buddy Nick is selling me his 289 from his 67 fastback. To fix it up we'll need a carb, Alt, PS pump, pulleys, alt bracket, PS bracket, new oil pump, fly wheel, fuel line from the fender to the fuel pump and add a filter, Oil sender, and temp sender. Yikes. More on the engine build to come.
$2000 +/-

2. A Radiator. The old one is just too small for this much engine, and quite frankly I want to put the money into making this car not overheat. Online reviews led me to this 4-Row Aluminum radiator: http://www.cjponyparts.com/radiator-4-row-aluminum-polished-289-1965-1966/p/RADA22/

3. Hoses. We're gonna need brake lines and fuel lines as well as coolant hoses to and from the radiator, engine and heater.

4. Heater Rebuild Kit. Since we have the heater apart, we're gonna rebuild it. CJ Pony parts has a rebuild kit that makes it simple and straight forward: http://www.cjponyparts.com/heater-rebuild-kit-1965-1968/p/HRK1/

5. Exhaust. That sweet new engine set up is gonna need a beefy exhaust to make it pur like a kitten, so here's the plan. There's 2 options based on how much money I have left when I get here. We can either go with the standard 2" kit that CJ pony parts offers which is pretty nice, it's a complete kit from headers to tailpipes for under 600 bucks, all ceramic coated: http://www.cjponyparts.com/standard-dual-exhaust-kit-2-inch-with-ceramic-tri-y-headers-289-302-1965-1970/p/EXK2E/

Another option if we want to go really kick ass is to get this magnaflow kit: http://www.cjponyparts.com/magnaflow-dual-exhaust-with-x-pipe-kit-2-5-stainless-steel-v8-1965-1966/p/CBG1/ This kit is a 2 1/2" true X pipe kit that is also under 600 bucks but does not include headers. And since this kit is stainless steel we would want stainless steel headers to match so here ya go: http://www.cjponyparts.com/jba-long-tube-headers-1-3-4-inch-stainless-steel-289-302-1965-1973/p/HDJL4/ and those are another 600 to match.

6. Wiring. We need new wiring, there's no way around it, the old harness is shot to shit and besides with a new alternator we're gonna need the new wiring harness anyway... Here we go: http://www.cjponyparts.com/american-autowire-complete-wiring-harness-classic-update-kit-1965-1966/p/WHC6466/

7. Transmission and Clutch. All though we have a T5, it's going to need some work. CJ Pony parts actually sells a kit with everything we need: http://www.cjponyparts.com/t5-transmission-conversion-kit-supreme-289-302-351w-c-1965-1966/p/T5CK15/

Kit includes:
- New Ford T5 bellhousing
- Late model clutch fork
- Separator plate
- Clutch fork cover for bellhousing
- Ford T5 bellhousing clutch fork cover screw
- Billet steel flywheel (28oz. balance)
- 10.5" CJPP King Cobra Clutch Kit (clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing, pilot bearing & alignment tool)
- ARP flywheel bolts
- Pressure plate bolts and alignment dowels
- Cable clutch conversion kit
- Transmission mount
- T5 transmission crossmember (T5C7)
- T5 transmission to bellhousing bolts
- T5 conversion driveshaft with u-joints
- T5 driveshaft yoke
- Original style shifter handle for T5
- Original style 5 speed pattern shift knob
- 18/20/23 tooth speedo gears for a starting variety


8. Stereo... ok ok we'll get to this when we get there, I agree, let's not get too hasty. 
$1000 - $1500?


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