Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 363: Put the suspension back on...

We needed to be able to roll the car in and out of Jesse's shop, and on and off the lift (which is just so nice to finally be working with by the way).

So last night in the dark outside we threw the car back together and rolled it in. Here's some pics of the car in the shop last night:

Jesse's considering buying himself a project too, a Nova:

The champagne one in the back there is already restored. The black one is in a world of shit right now. Heavy rust all over, almost completely disassembled. But we do have the luxury of a lot of parts in the trunk and back seat. lol After the mustang is done we might be undertaking it. I'm very excited about this restoration actually. First a Ford, now a Chevy.

Here's Jesse revving up the restored one, I believe those are 2 1/2" Flowmasters:


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