Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 53 - Finishing the Cross Member

Last night Jesse came back over to finish the cross member. It was a time consuming effort because the tops of the sides of the cross member hold the upper control arms and is where all the adjustments are made for alignment. It's really gotta be right on.

We also fit the fenders on top of the sheet metal, going to the rad support, just to verify that we made our measurements correctly. Everything looks awesome:

Note: The only reason I don't have a beer in my hand is because I'm a boss and I already downed mine and chucked it (while still balancing) into the trash bag. GET SOME.

Side Note: Sorry Jesse........


  1. Looks like you're crushing out the work on that car. Great work.

  2. Thanks! Right now it's all thanks to the work of my friends though... in fact let me take a minute to thank everyone:

    Nick Magilton - Thanks for lending me the welder and all the advice and help you've given. You barely even know me and you've talked to me for hours about the car man, thank you!

    Charles Carfagno - Let me borrow the plasma cutter, power washer, torque wrench, gave me electrical advice. You rock uncle chuck!

    John Welsh - Jesus Christ, what would I do without you? John comes over like 4-5 days a week and does anything I ask him to on the car. John seriously, thank you man. I really mean it.

    John Sweenie - This dude right here works till 10:30 at night and still comes over 2 nights a week after work and works till 2 am. The man is a machine, and he knows everything about these cars. I couldn't get by without him.

    Brian Hopkins - Dude, I know you live a good distance away, but I'm glad you truck up here and help out when you can. I really appreciate it.

    Jesse Fast - OK seriously special shout out here. This dude literally met me in person 2 months ago. He and I don't go way back like the rest, he has no real reason to help me so much. Yet he's still here after working all day on cars, on his back, welding my frame together. And then we have the balls to goof around while he's working... Dude I appreciate it. You're work is fantastic, the welds are solid as hell. Thanks man!

    And all the other people who pop up here and there to hang out and lend a hand. Seriously guys, there would be no point to do this without you all. I am truly blessed and grateful for the awesome friends I have. Thanks!